A lucky scratch off lottery player wins a big jackpot worth of $1 million

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A lucky guy from Pa.nets wins a big jackpot worth of $1 million in scratch off lottery game

It looks like the Keystone State might have a new millionaire. Or, at least, someone kind of close to being a millionaire after taxes because lottery officials said a scratch-off ticket worth $1 million was sold recently in Arnold, Pennsylvania.

The big hit came via a $20 “Cash King” ticket. TRIBLIVE.com reported that it was sold at Jadden Stop-N-Go on Constitution Boulevard.

The prize was claimed Wednesday, and the store will reportedly receive $5,000 for selling the winner.

TRIBLIVE.com reported the ticket was the third $1 million winner sold off the “Cash King” game since it began back on Feb. 19.

The first winner was in York County, and the second was sold in the Alle-Kiski Valley Area the paper reported.