A Man from Brooklyn Haredi wins $126 Million Jackpot

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Brooklyn Haredi Man Wins $126 Million Jackpot and takes home $52.5 million.

A man from Brooklyn Haredi named Herman Kahan is a Haredi Jew from Brooklyn, and on Tuesday it was reported that he had won the $126,000,000 jackpot of the March 8 Mega Millions drawing.

His winning numbers were: 07 18 38 58 64 and the Mega Ball 24.

The winning ticket for the March 8 drawing was worth $126 million. The cash value of the jackpot is $85,848,424 before taxes.

It’s interesting to note that local Jewish newspapers inevitably added to their headline something about hitting the winner for charity, and Yeshiva World reported: “Photos of various individuals are already viral on WhatsApp  all of them confirmed to be false,” and added, “While all of our community detectives will be hard at work trying to figure out who he is, it will take one Tzedakah or Yerushalmi Meshulach two minutes to figure it all out.”