A lucky man turned his $20 scratch off Lottery ticket to a big jackpot

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A lucky man from Harford county wins a big jackpot worth of $1 million recently

A $20 scratch-off lottery ticket turned into a million dollar prize for one Harford County resident.

The anonymous player purchased a handful of scratch-offs at the Exxon on West MacPhail Road in Bel Air.

Among them was a Money Explosion ticket. After taking them home and scratching off the matching numbers, there it was, a million bucks.

The Money Explosion game still has two $1 million prizes remaining, and three other $50,000 winning tickets up for grabs.

This latest big ticket winner comes after a Gambrills couple won a million dollars, as part of the lottery's Cash4Life game.

Also the winner told the lottery officials that he will buy a brand new car for his own so that he can go to his office more conveniently.