Winner of Canadian lotto Jackpot worth $70 million wishes to help

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The stunning generosity of a Canadian lotto winner who wishes to help other with his winning amount of $70 million.

Many people dream of winning the lottery in hopes it will end their financial woes, or allow them to splurge on things they’ve always wanted. But when Marcel Lussier from Brossard, Montreal, heard he’d won a whopping $70 million in the Canadian Lotto this month, his thoughts turned to helping others.

Lussier, who has retired from Hydro-Quebec, stated that he wanted to use some of the money to help rebuild Ukraine, and is already discussing the possibility of donating pre-fabricated homes with an entrepreneur.

The self-confessed history buff also wants to put his money to good use closer to home.

It’s refreshing to see someone make such noble plans for their lottery windfall. Hopefully Lussier’s contributions to his favored causes will bear much fruit for years to come.