A woman from Gainesville wins $2 million in scratch off lottery game

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Fortunate Gainesville woman wins $2 million recently in a lottery game

Diane McHome, a 57-year-old resident of Gainesville, Florida, has hit the jackpot by turning a mere $10 into $2 million through the Florida Lottery scratch-off ticket.

She emerged as the lucky winner of the top prize that had daunting odds of 1-in-5,758,778. The ecstatic McHome opted to receive the winnings as a lump sum payment of nearly $1.4 million. She plans to invest the money and also treat her family to a vacation.

Interestingly, McHome wasn't the only one who benefited from her win as Southeast Gator Liquors, the store where she purchased the ticket, will also receive a bonus of $4,000.

Lottery officials confirmed that it's a common practice to reward the retailers who sell the winning tickets to incentivize them to promote the lottery.

This win has undoubtedly changed McHome's life for the better, and she remains grateful for the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.