Sorell woman get best ever birthday present of $10,000

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Woman won $10,000 in Instant Scratch Its ticket

A Sorell woman got her best Birthday present ever of $10,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket which was gifted by her sister.

The woman purchased the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket at Sorell Lucky Agency, 31 Gordon Street, Sorell.

The woman talked to the Lott Officials.

“I received this ticket as a birthday gift from my sister,” the winning woman explained when speaking with an official from The Lott.

“We always buy each other Instant Scratch-Its tickets for special occasions, like Christmas and birthdays.

“I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I scratched the ticket, so at first, I didn’t really know what I was seeing. But it looked good!

“Once I put my glasses on, I realized that it said I’d won $10,000.


“I checked the ticket about ten times because I still wasn’t sure if it was true. Then I called for my family to check the ticket as well because I didn’t trust myself.

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