Powerball 1354: 28 April 2022 (28/4/22), Lotto Draw 1354

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Live drawing of Powerball 1354 results, 28 April 2022, Thursday

Live drawing for Powerball draw 1354 is now available here. You can check the updated Powerball 1354 results here down below.

If you have a ticket for Powerball 28 April 2022 in Australia then you really have a good chance to win $21 Million tonight.

The odds of winning are low but still, you have a chance to win a jackpot. So millions of people in Australia purchased tonight's Powerball 1354 draw ticket. All the ticket buyers can check Powerball draw 1354 results for 28/4/22, Thursday, here.

If anyone matches all the numbers with the purchased ticket then that's the winning ticket. Congratulations! 

Here are the Powerball 1354 Results:- 

Date 28 April 2022, Thursday
Country Australia
Jackpot $21 million
Powerball Numbers 12, 7, 16, 19, 1, 24, 25, 7