Powerball 12/06/21 lottery Result is here: Did you win the $280 Million jackpot?

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Powerball December 06, 2021, lottery winning numbers, USA

Are you a winner of Powerball December 06, 2021? Check your Powerball lottery ticket and match the numbers with the winning numbers drawn here. If you have all the matching numbers then this is the biggest night of your life. You have won $280 Million. 

Powerball is the biggest lottery in the US. You have a 1 in 292 million chance to win a jackpot if you are a US citizen.

There is no surprise that you may win the Powerball jackpot, More than 200+ people have already won the biggest amounts in the history of the lottery in the US. Even if you are not lucky enough to win the highest prize, you still have a chance to win quite big money and that can change your life.

The latest lottery draw for Powerball December 06, 2021 took place at 10:59 p.m. ET. Here are the winning numbers for Monday Powerball:-

Winning Numbers for Powerball 12/06/21:- 03, 21, 59, 50, 38, 06

Powerplay:- 3X

Powerball Double Play Numbers:- 08, 27, 55, 15, 66, 17

Are you lucky enough to match at least a few numbers in the Powerball lottery? Check tonight's result now and grab the chance to win.