Oz Lotto set to jackpot from $20m

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Oz Lotto set to jackpot from $20m

After no one won the division one prize in Oz Lotto, the jackpot has been established.

Among this week's winning numbers were 5 (34), 3 (42), 39 (39), 7 (36), 5 (34), and 2 (1).

There have been 15 lottery winners so far in 2021 who have walked away with more than $20.71 million in division one prize money.

One came from the Northern Territory, while the other five came from the state of Victoria. There were also victories in the states of New South Wales, Washington, the state of Western Australia, and Queensland.

When a Mackay mother won $25 million on November 2, it was the first time in four weeks that a division one reward was claimed.

North Queenslander screamed, "Are you kidding?" when an official from The Lott phoned her minutes after the drawing.

"Oh my god, this had to be a mistake!"

I'm in a state of shock. Honestly? I can't believe what I'm seeing." This is just not true. Oh my god, oh my god. Is it really that bad?

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