North Carolina Man Wins $2 Million Lottery Prize with a Hunch

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'Hallelujah': Johnston County man's $2 million lottery win makes him want to shout

In Johnston County, North Carolina, John Teague was on his way to work when he decided to stop at a Circle K in Smithfield.

Although he typically plays the Cashword scratch-off game, he had a hunch about purchasing a Grand Money ticket instead. The $20 scratch-off proved to be the right choice, as he won a life-changing $2 million prize.

Teague scratched the ticket in his truck and was overwhelmed with excitement. He immediately called his wife to share the good news and told her that he could now provide her with the house she deserved. After choosing the lump-sum amount of $1.2 million and taxes, Teague took home $855,006.

Teague plans to use his winnings to purchase a house, pay off his truck, and buy a new lawn mower. He works as a maintenance director in Youngsville and says that the prize is a blessing for his family.