Mystery Take 5 lottery player in Poughkeepsie won $17k

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Lottery officials are waiting for the Take 5 lottery winner to come forward and claim the winning prize

The New York Lottery announced a top-prize winning ticket for the November 21 Take 5 Evening drawing that was sold in Poughkeepsie.

The ticket worth $17,514 was sold at Thrifty Beverage at 187 North Hamilton Street in Poughkeepsie. Another top-prize ticket was sold on Staten Island.

The winning numbers in the Evening Take 5 game were 05-09-11-30-34.

The winning lottery ticket still remains unclaimed as the ticket was unregistered so the lottery officials urge all the lottery ticket holders to check their tickets and sign on the back of them.

If anybody has a winning ticket then the player must keep it in a safe place and claim the winning prize by visiting the nearest lottery headquarter or the player can also have the facility of calling or seeing mail to start the claiming process.