Mega-Sena 2446, Lottery winning numbers and Results for 22nd January 2022, Brazil

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Mega-Sena 2446, Results for 22 January 2022, Saturday, Brazil

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Mega-Sena Lottery jackpot amount is estimated at R$ 22.000.000,00 for 22/1/22. Mega-Sena winning numbers are already drawn for January 22, So you can check the result here.

The Mega-Sena is Brazil's biggest lottery, organized by the Caixa Econômica Federal Bank since March 1996. The Mega-Sena is drawn 2 times each week, at 20:00 Brasilia Time on Wednesdays and at 20:00 Brasilia Time on Saturdays. Mega Sena is Brazil's largest lottery game. The game is administered by Caixa Econômica Fed, which has been operating federal lottery games for decades, thus Mega Sena participants enjoy a very smooth, life-changing gaming experience.

Winning Numbers for Mega-Sena 2446, 22 January 2022, Saturday, Brazil

Winning numbers of Mega Sena are being reported here for January 22nd, 2022, So check out the current result of Mega Sena for the Jackpot of R$ 22.000.000,00.

Numbers for 22/1/22:- 01, 13, 27, 41, 51, 58

Jackpot:- R$ 22.000.000,00

Previous winning numbers of Mega-Sena Lottery, Brazil

The numbers drawn for Mega Sena on January 19, 2022, were 11, 25, 32, 37, 47, 56. Jackpot amount was R$ 16.000.000,00 for that draw. You can be a millionaire overnight by winning the lottery.

How to play Mega-Sena?

It is simple to play Mega Sena – simply choose six numbers from 01 to 60. You may also select to add up to 15 numbers if you want. This costs more but also improves your winning probability.

There are a total of three reward levels. Match four to win the "Quadra," the lowest reward level, match five to win the second prize. Compare all six numbers to the jackpot or "Sena."

Specific Rules

  • The player must be over 18 years old to enter Mega-Sena.
  • The player may play with any licensed merchant or choose your numbers online.