Lottery fever sweeps the residents of Lawrence County recently

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Lottery fever arrives in Lawrence County after its second big winning

Lottery fever is spreading throughout Lawrence County as another lucky resident has won big in the latest drawing.

The winner, who has not yet been identified, hit the jackpot for $5 million, making it the second major lottery win in the county in just a few months.

The winning ticket was sold at a gas station in the town of New Castle, and the winner claimed their prize on Monday morning.

The gas station that sold the ticket will also receive a commission of around $50,000. This latest win has sparked excitement and enthusiasm among local residents, many of whom are now dreaming of striking it rich themselves.

Lottery officials are reminding everyone to play responsibly and to only spend what they can afford.

This new big win comes just a few months after a local resident won $10 million in another lottery drawing, which had caused a similar buzz around the county.

Lawrence County seems to be on a lucky streak, and people are already wondering who will be the next big winner.