Here are the Oz Lotto 1464 Results for 8/3/22, $10 Million jackpot

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Oz Lotto 1464 Draw Results, 8 March 2022, Tuesday, Australia

Winning the Oz Lotto 1464 Draw jackpot is a dream of every Australian. You can win $10 Million overnight and can fulfill your dreams.

Do you have the winning ticket for Oz Lotto Draw 1464? Check the winning numbers here and confirm your winning amount.

Oz Lotto 1464 Draw Numbers, 8/3/22, Tuesday

Winning numbers for the Draw 1464 of Oz Lotto are 35, 44, 7, 45, 24, 14, 26, 12, 5.

If you have some matching numbers then call the Oz Lotto dealer and confirm your amount. You can claim it as soon the Oz Lotto 1464 Draw is completed and you have the winning ticket.

Good Luck!