Greenock Church Awarded £10,000 National Lottery Grant for Community Hall Upgrades

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Greenock church celebrating £10k National Lottery windfall

In Greenock, St Joseph Church has been awarded a £10,000 grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to enhance their community church hall.

The funds will be used to upgrade the building by replacing its windows and doors.

With these upgrades, the church hopes to create a more inviting and safe environment for the local community to gather for various events and activities.

The grant from the National Lottery Community Fund is a welcome contribution to the church's efforts to improve its facilities and better serve its community.

The National Lottery is a popular lottery game that is played in the United Kingdom.

The game involves players selecting a set of numbers and then waiting for a random draw to see if their numbers match the winning numbers. The National Lottery also offers scratch cards and other instant-win games.