A fortunate Dillon County resident claims record breaking jackpot

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Lucky lottery winner from Dillon County wins $10 million which is a record breaking jackpot of the county

A lucky resident of Dillon County has claimed a record-breaking lottery prize of $10 million.

The winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased the winning ticket at a local convenience store.

The South Carolina Education Lottery confirmed the win and stated that the prize was the largest ever awarded in Dillon County.

The winner has chosen to receive the prize in a lump sum payment and will take home a total of $6 million after taxes.

Lottery officials are thrilled to see such a large prize awarded to a resident of Dillon County and believe that it will help fund education initiatives in the state.

The South Carolina Education Lottery was created to support education in the state, and a portion of the funds raised through lottery ticket sales go towards education programs. 

The local community has expressed their excitement and congratulations to the winner and wishes them all the best with their newfound wealth.