A big winning lottery ticket is recently sold out at Binghamton

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Lucky Binghamton guy wins a big jackpot recently

According to the New York Lottery, a lucky winner has won $19,533.50 in the February 1 Take 5 evening drawing.

The winning lottery ticket was sold at the Weis Market located on Upper Front Street in Binghamton. The winning numbers for this particular drawing were 6-7-10-18-25, and the winning ticket holder has one year to claim their prize.

The Take 5 lottery is a popular game that offers players the chance to win daily cash prizes by selecting five numbers from 1 to 39.

The odds of winning the Take 5 lottery are relatively high compared to other lotteries, making it a popular choice among lottery enthusiasts.

For the lucky winner of this drawing, the prize money could be life-changing. With $19,533.50, the winner could pay off debts, make a down payment on a house, or take a dream vacation.

The winner has one year from the drawing date to claim their prize, so it's important to check lottery tickets regularly to avoid missing out on a life-changing amount of money.