$1 million win for a West field resident in lottrey game

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Westfield resident wins first $1-million prize in new lottery game

A Westfield man is the first to win the first $1 million prize in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “$4,000,000 Platinum Jackpot” scratch ticket game.

Timothy O’Connor and his family had attended his father’s funeral. Later that same day he and a friend pooled their money to buy several Mega Millions tickets due to the large jackpot.

Then they decided to take $20 to buy instant tickets, one of which was the big winner.

He said the good fortune was a celebration of his father’s life. O’Connor chose the cash option and received a one-time payment of $650,000 (before taxes) and will be sharing his winnings with his friend.

The winning ticket was bought at Country Mart located at 397 Little River Rd. in Westfield.

The store will receive a $10,000 bonus for its sale of this ticket.